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This album has mainly uptempo songs, and the lyrics contain most of my life philosophies!

No Pain no gain is just a happy song about getting out of your comfort zone. This is something I do all the time, and as stressful as that may be, it makes me a happier man! Guitars are played by Martin Haene, a Swiss producer/guitarist with a big track record of music on many genres, especially for movies, TV and commercials. Backings by the talented Alessandra Frani.

Nothing ever happens in the Past is about living now, in the present tense. We all make mistakes…. we should not wallow in feelings of regrets and guilt, but just learn from our mistakes and do it better next time!  

Pay the price is a song about temptation. If you are giving in to your temptations, will you still be able to look at yourself in the mirror? Will you be able to pay the price of a burdened conscience?

Once you’re here describes the feelings of someone who let go of his loved one, but is on the way to pick her up at the airport and wonders how the reunion will be. Produced by Martin Haene; he also played the guitars on this track.